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04:02pm 26/08/2003
mood: okay
Dram drama at work..It never fails, no matter where you go wether you are 17 or 27 there is always the clicky group of girls that always start drama no matter what. You would think people would grow out of that, but they dont. Hmm..what a hectic day this has been. My Little one woke up sick, and trying to find someone to watch him last minute is never easy. I love his dads family though, they are always willing to help no matter what. So is mine of course, but we all work so its hard..My poor little guy, I have to take him to the doc in the morning, so that means I will hear all kinds of crap, because ill have to be late again..oh well. I gotta do what I gotta do! I feel like crap today, man, I wish men could get the cramps! damn this sucks...just a little reminder of labor every month..
anyway not that anyone wants to read about my cramps, so ill shut up..Ok, now amy is getting mad, at my typing, so i guess ill stop now...
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blah blah blah   
02:14pm 25/08/2003
mood: blah
Ok, its freaking monday, and i am so incredibly tired. I went out saturday, and got way way way to drunk...to make a long story short..i got drunk fell down, left the place i was at..walked home, fell down again, then fell down again! I fially made it home, thank god..to all the freakies out there, thanks for not grabbing me and killing me on my long adventure home..A wierd thing though, A cat followed me all the way home..it was like an hour walk! I think it was my guardian kitty. Should have only taken me 20 minutes to walk home, but with all the swerving , and falling down it took a bit longer. Wow, im mad at myself for going beyond my limits..I uaually know better. UG. I am still hung over!! I need to sleep for like 3 days to get back to normal. ANYWAY ,I miss my son..he stayed at his dads house last night. It is the first time that he ever stayed over his house.. It was a little nerve racking, but it was ok. Ofcourse Levi went to bed at a decent hour, slept all night, woke up good, and went to school without any real problems. In the mornings with me he yells at me to turn the light off. Gets mad when i try to get him dressed, and freaks out when I take him to school.. I think kids just know that there is more you can get away with with mom...Plus, I guess pay backs are hell. I used to do the same thing to my mom. Wow, im tired...
Its only Tuesday   
05:23pm 05/08/2003
  Well, its only Tuesday. I woke up thinking it was friday. What a bummer..Work has been productive today, but a bit boring. Ive been sitting on the other side of amy (sister) listening to her talk about this site, so I figured I would try it out..I like to type more than I like to write, so I guess it works out..I think Ill go home and heat up some leftovers..I grilled night before last, and have a ton of food left. Now my friend Marcee has called me to tell me how shitty her day has been. I feel bad for her..Ive known her since I was 2...hold on, I cant talk and type....  
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